Date: 2020/9/2

Century Huaxin Wind Energy Co., Ltd. and Welcon A/S Joint-Force for Wind Turbine Tower Fabrication Targeting Taiwanese and Asian Markets

Century Huaxin Wind Energy Co., Ltd. (CHWE) and Welcon A/S (Welcon) have entered into an agreement on 1 September 2020 for cooperation of wind turbine tower fabrication for Taiwanese and Asian market.

CHWE is a subsidiary of Century Iron & Steel Industrial Co., Ltd. (Century) who is a public listed company in Taiwan and has 30 year steel structure manufacturing and construction experience. Century has entered into Taiwanese offshore wind business in 2014, and is now manufacturing high quality offshore wind foundations. With its parent company’s steel structure manufacturing experience, CHWE has secured 30 hectares of lands in industrial park at Taichung Harbor and targets to fabricating wind turbine towers for Taiwanese and Asian market.

Welcon is engaged in the business of developing, manufacturing and supplying steel constructions and components for the wind power industry in Europe, including wind turbine towers. Welcon runs a modern manufacturing facility in Denmark and has great experience in designing, building and running a modern facility manufacturing towers, as well as technological knowhow regarding the production of towers.

Through the parties’ cooperation, Welcon will provide its experience and technological knowhow in order for CHWE to design, build and operate a facility for fabricating wind turbine towers for the markets according to the same high standards as towers produced by Welcon in its facility in Denmark. The factory design will be able to produce the next generation large offshore wind turbine towers, which can be up to 10m in diameter, 50-60m long and 400 tons tower sections.

CHWE is under construction of its facility in Taichung Harbour. With the cooperation with Welcon brining in its experience and technological knowhow, CHWE targets to have its facilities ready for production in early 2022.

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