Teamwork & commitment.

Yes, we work. But we work together in collaboration with each other, our clients and partners in the industry. Working at Welcon is working towards a future with cleaner energy. And if you can commit to that, we can drive that change together.

We operate across the globe as we work in an international environment.

At Welcon, we currently represent fifteen different nationalities. This makes everyday exciting and inspiring. But it also calls for commitment to our values, so that we all work within a common frame-work and direction.

We highly value teamwork, and people who have the insight, will and skill to speak up and help optimize our processes and products, from their field of expertise.

You highly value an exciting, challenging and above all safe workspace. We will provide that in a down to earth, professional and purpose-driven environment, where there’s space to grow and show off your skills and apply them in a meaningful way.

Our foundation.

In all that we are and in all that we do, we look ahead, think and act according to our set of values – the foundation of our being, business and collaboration.


Deliver as agreed on time. That’s what we do. We take time to understand the scope of a given project, define our offer and deliver exactly that at the right time.


We always look ahead and explore new ground, because new and better solutions never appear out of nothing. Knowledge is and always has been the key.


While the world is talking, wondering and pondering, we use our experience and knowledge to create new opportunities and business instead.


Collaboration works when we understand each other, share knowledge, data and progress in a way, that is easy to understand. So that’s what we aim to be – accessible.

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If you would like to learn more about working at Welcon or how we handle applications, please get in touch with us on or call us on +45 30 18 61 00.

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