Less talk. More action.

While the world is talking, we are busy engineering and building the future.

Changing the way we think and use the resources we were given is a pretty big thing. The journey and transition towards a world powered by renewable energy sources is necessary and inevitable.

We’ve played an active part in the wind business since the beginning, and pioneered the development of larger and more powerful wind turbines. Due to our significant track record, we are now recognized as industry leaders in both size and technology.

We believe in the power of steel. And with the strength of our product and company, we choose to do our part in making our planet an even greater place to live.

Our heritage.

Our story is one of belief, resolve and steel. Lots of steel. Today we primarily manufacture large-scale steel constructions for the renewable energy sector.

In the beginning, more than fifty years ago, our steel constructions were used in the oil and gas industry.

But we changed our focus and strategy, and began developing large-scale steel constructions: The towers for the early wind turbines in the wind adventure.

dkk 994 mio
annual turnover 2022/2023
employees end of period
nearly 60 years
of experience within steel construction
dkk 1,7 billion
Total balance sheet
tower sections since 2010
tower sections per year

our foundation.

In all that we are and in all that we do, we look ahead, think and act according to our set of values – the foundation of our being, business and collaboration.


Deliver as agreed on time. That’s what we do. We take time to understand the scope of a given project, define our offer and deliver exactly that at the right time.


We always look ahead and explore new ground, because new and better solutions never appear out of nothing. Knowledge is and always has been the key.


While the world is talking, wondering and pondering, we use our experience and knowledge to create new opportunities and business instead.


Collaboration works when we understand each other, share knowledge, data and progress in a way, that is easy to understand. So that’s what we aim to be – accessible.

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