Facilities & capacity.

Everything at our production facility is large-scale, but we always operate with attention to detail, monitor and document when relevant and necessary.

Cutting capacity per year

We cut, roll and weld a massive amount of steel every year. You can count on us to be best in class doing this, due to our vast experience and skills, developed throughout the years – adjusting to market demands and client preferences.

Overhead crane capacity

Look up – there’s something in the air! It
really is impressive to watch our massive steel constructions in our manufacturing facilities float effortlessly through the air.

What we do is heavy, but we have the
equipment to handle it.

Weight capacity

We’ve made a lot of wind turbine towers throughout the years. But as long as it is made from steel, we can make other products as well, with weights all the way up to 500 ton.

Length capacity

As with the weight of our products, we can also go large, when it comes to the length of our products. And as size matters in our industry, we can handle products up to 70 m.

Diameter capacity

We have always pushed the limit for how large we can go, in terms of towers for wind turbines.

Today we can manufacture constructions up to ø10.000 mm., and surface treat up to ø10.000 mm.

Section capacity per year

That’s quite a few. And it makes us one of the largest suppliers of towers in the industry.

Production facilities

We need a lot of space to manufacture
our towers and other steel constructions.
Our facility is technologically state-of-the-art, and highly automated.

And we continously optimize our production.

ø10 x 70m.
Surface treatment

Our automated surface treatment facility is nothing less than spectacular.

We blast, metallize and paint the massive steel components, and verify that the end products always meet the specifications agreed upon.

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If you would like to learn more about our capabilities and capacity, please get in touch with us on sales@welcon.dk or call us on +45 30 18 61 00.

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