With the new 6.000 m. large production building, the welding capacity for tower sections at Welcon has been increased with 35 %.

“We are constantly on the search for ways to further optimize our production of towers for wind turbines”, says Managing Director Jens Pedersen, “and with the new facility we have not only increased our capacity and efficiency, but also increased our capabilities for producing even larger tower sections.”

Within the new building are installed overhead crane capacity enabling lifts of sections with weights up to 300 t, and a new 4-headed portal welding machine enables simultaneous welding of 4 circumferential welding seems – carried out by one person. Jens Pedersen states: “Actually, we have 2 persons manning each of our portal welding stations, so that the welding can continue throughout lunch breaks and other personal stops. This secures high quality in our welding, and efficient operating statistics, maximizing the output from our production lines with minimum operational hours.”

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