laboratory assistant / in EFZ Division of Biology.

laboratory technicians and laboratory technicians explore biology topic area and create new drugs with each other with scientists in the fields of biochemistry, biology and medicine. Check the operation of pharmaceutical substances. They work with animals, cell cultures, bacteria and viruses. They program to guidelines attempts this go independently via and record the course from the experiment and final results. Your workplace is usually equipped with highly sensitive electronic measuring devices.


For extra information and facts on this instruction beneath the video.For additional videos right here.Introductory Berufsschnuppertag.You would like laboratory assistant / in will and already have clear tips concerning the profession. For future students for teaching beginning in 2018 who choose to get to understand the Novartis as a instruction organization, we offer an introductory Berufsschnuppertag on.For students who wish kenenlernen a standard laboratory workstation and have concerns concerning the profession of education alliance aprentas can attend an information and facts afternoon.Around the basis of job-specific work will obtain students in the 8th grade a deeper insight into their dream job.

Schnuppertage take 9-16 PM.Needs for participation in the trial day at aprentas are:No less than 8th grade secondary school A (ZH), Secondary E (all other cantons, except AG), school district (AG), higher college (D) or higher grade.School Qualifications Higher College A (ZH), Secondary E (all other cantons, except AG), school district (AG), higher school (D) or larger grade Present situation of apprenticeship All apprenticeships for 2020 are occupied applications for the teaching starting in 2021 are now open applications began ,Teaching Duration 3 years of teaching history Blockwise training aprentas Coaching Center Muttenz alternating with sensible education in different restate my thesis workplaces at Novartis Vital subjects in vocational college biology, chemistry, English, applied mathematics / laptop science; in 3rd year Applied Biology (eg molecular biology, immunology, pharmacology) specifications interest in biology and scientific matters, understanding and readiness for dealing with animals, good observation expertise, reliability Vocational Novartis learners can part-technical Vocational College visit allowance monthly 1 . mastering year CHF 820.- monthly 2nd year CHF 1,000 per month 3rd year CHF 1’350.- per month Foreign (12 payments per year) vacation per year 27 days per year of education working day eight hours learners our education partners aprentas performs two dormitories for students of chemistry professions which don’t come in the Basel region in Muttenz. More data.