Edited at 13.02.2020 – Who killed macbeth?

Who killed macbeth?

The fifth installment in the J.R. R. Tolkien theme, ‘The Coming’ sees the return of the Half-brothers, the might of the King Eorl, and the fall of “> the three main families. The journey is only barely made, but it comes as a big surprise to the people of the world, who are still struggling with their roots. While some may be willing to go on the quest to destroy the Elves, others are more keen on finding the One Ring and the Horcrux. Not just the men; many women have also been killed in the course of the adventure. Some have had issues of feeling haunted and imprisoned, while another has fallen to the Shire. All these have done to bad blood and need the help of the Fellowship to save them from the dark.  

With this in mind, we can then see the inevitable fate that befalls all those seeking the ring in the end. And what happens next? Such a duty waits for all, and it is evidently long shrouded. However, even with the shock of death imminent, there is no choice on the part of the party, other than to seek aid.  

As such, we have seen that for all the violence and evil in the film, the decision lies on the boys. There is nothing quite wrong with doing something that is not good enough. Therefore, the best thing is to allow the poor to die for the sake of the story. This leads to the companions and the fellowship to embark on a mission to defeat the giants. After almost reaching the point where they meet the Three Inch Nails, it is revealed that the Three have gone through a traumatic experience, and are now deeply affected by the loss. They are, in fact, looking for the one and the last Theok, despite being given different Macbeth by the Third. As for the latter, the third has grown to hate and fear, and is trying to stop the dreadful transformation that is beginning.  

While this is clearly stated, it is entirely clear that the search for the Hebrides (for perhaps the most shoddily-written ride in the franchise) will not be the same as the previous ones. The temptation of the Three is always obvious. Even though he is willing to do the mission, his actions will ultimately lead to the downfall of both the man and the world. Willing to do the terrible could not bring the truth to his heart, but merely give up on the mission to face the final judgment.

Therefore, it is a great idea to choose the third option, rather than the already doomed, and make the difficult and sad journey home. Regardless of the choices that the Third makes, it is certain that they will reach the conclusion not be chosen at all, and everyone needs to leave him behind.